Galaxy S21 phones do not support smooth Android updates


Samsung has started releasing Android 11 update to smartphones and tablets, however, its latest flagship smartphones – Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra – do not support smooth Android updates.

The feature of smooth Android updates has been present in Android smartphones since 2016, but Samsung has not implemented it yet.

And Android’s seamless updates feature allows new firmware updates to be installed in the background while the device is actively using the device.

And at the next restart, the phone or tablet will run the new firmware, providing users with a smooth experience and they don’t have to wait for the progress bar.

This feature is implemented by using virtual A / B partitions, which take up significant storage space, to install the update in the background while using your phone.

It was widely assumed that Google would request support for this update method with Android 11 as some leaked documents proved, but it appears that Google has backed away from this decision.

According to the latest release in January 2021, the feature is not a requirement, and Google tells manufacturers that it should be supported, and it appears that Google has backed away from this requirement under pressure from smartphone makers, such as Samsung.

This means that Samsung’s Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra phones still lack support for the five-year-old smooth Android update feature.

Users noted that the devices lacked any indication of A / B updates in the system image, and considering two apps, Treble Info and Treble Check, the story is the same there, with support being flagged as a lack of support for the seamless updates feature.

And these results should be taken with caution, because the app also indicates that Project Treble is not supported, which is not true for any mainstream Android device for years according to Google’s requirements.

And it’s possible that these apps are just error reports on these devices or there could be something with Samsung’s current software architecture.


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