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Journalist Mahmoud Saad began his television career by presenting the program “On Paper” on the Dream satellite channel, where he was known for hosting art celebrities and interviewing them in an unusually bold manner at that time.

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The artist Hani Ramzy was a guest on one of the episodes of the “On Paper” program, and spoke about his statements that he does not come in the order of stardom fourth after his colleagues Muhammad Huneidi, Alaa Wali al-Din and Ahmed al-Sakka, because he is number 1 after the movie “Passport by a Republican Decision.”

Hani Ramzy confirmed that this statement caused the anger of some of his colleagues, stressing that he bears the mistake in the first place because he did not use the correct phrases to clarify his point of view, and he spoke in an inconceivable manner in a press interview that needed some thinking about what he said in response to the questions.

He added that he does not know how to choose his words to express his opinion, which causes him to get into trouble and makes others misunderstand him, pointing out that Al-Ahram Al-Arabi magazine, which published the dialogue, chose hot headlines from his statements that he does not deny, but he intended another meaning.

Hani Ramzy denied that he had stated the phrase “I am the first by a Republican decision” as stated in the title of the dialogue, stressing that he does not blame the journalist or the magazine because their intention was good by trying to support and help him in promoting his new movie, but whoever reads the dialogue finds that he praised his colleagues and was not mistaken in Their right, and that when he spoke about his opinion of their talent, he did not mean offending any of them.

Hani Ramzy talked about his lack of preference for verbal comedy and his love for the comedy of the situation, stressing that he learned the lesson from his statements and recognized the mistake that he had made, refusing to comment on more opinions he made on the films of other artists.

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