“Forever” … a shocking statement from the director of Moderna


Moderna CEO, Stephan Bansel, warned that the Coronavirus, which has caused world economies to halt and hospitals filled with infected people, may remain “forever” and thus societies must live with it.

Bansel’s views coincided with previous statements by public health officials and infectious disease experts that indicated that there is a high probability that Covid-19 will become an endemic disease.

Bancel said in comments reported by the station CNBCThe American government said that the new Corona virus “will not disappear”, despite the development of his company and several other companies effective vaccines against the virus.

He added that health officials will have to constantly monitor new types of the virus, so that scientists can produce vaccines to combat them.

Researchers in Ohio, USA, said on Wednesday that they had discovered two new different types of the virus that may have originated in the United States, noting that one of them quickly became the dominant strain in Columbus over a period of three weeks between late December and early January.

US officials are racing against time to speed up the distribution of vaccines that have proven successful against the virus, especially those for Moderna and Pfizer.

The process is likely to take several months before the United States can vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity.

However, Bansel predicted that the United States would be one of the first large countries to achieve “adequate protection” against the virus.

The Moderna vaccine was licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration several weeks ago, and will be administered to Americans 18 years of age and older.

Additional studies are still needed in children, whose immune systems can respond to vaccines differently from those of adults.

The World Health Organization says there are already four endemic corona viruses worldwide, but they are not as contagious or deadly as Covid-19.

And the US health authorities announced on Wednesday that about ten million people had received a first dose of one of the two vaccines that the United States had authorized for use against the Covid-19 epidemic.

This number represents three percent of the total American people, a month after the launch of the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history.

Experts believe that herd immunity will not be reached until about 75 percent of the population is vaccinated.

The United States is seeking to officially vaccinate 100 million of its citizens before the end of the first quarter of this year, that is, by the end of March.


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