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International referee Daniele Ursato, the final referee of the 2020 UEFA Champions League, is part of an Italian team of 5 referees, including the assistant referee of the VAR, to lead the Saudi Super Cup between Al Hilal and Al Nasr.• This is how it was published in many websites, quoting Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, and there is no objection to the authenticity of the news, but the objection to the decision-maker was a football association or a referees committee, and I believe and almost certainly that the objection is justified.

• How can he throw the Saudi government into the eye of the storm, and present it to the clubs and the media from round to round as an offering to the teams without finding someone to support or do justice to, or at least protect him from bullying clubs and the media ..?!

• I was waiting for our esteemed union to honor the Saudi referees by nominating a team of them to run this match instead of inviting the foreigner at a time that may have negative repercussions on the Saudi referees, whom I see as an implicit recognition of the clubs being raised against them and informing them.

• I say an implicit admission that the wave of attack on all referees is high, and we did not find anyone to address it in the Football Association as much as we found surrender to that wave and interact with it by bringing an Italian team at a time that I think is inappropriate.

• This is one aspect. As for the other side that I did not like, it is the visit of members and the head of the Referees Committee to Al Hilal, and on the way other clubs, and this visit is taken as a weakness or a weakening in front of the clubs ’loud voice; That is why I hoped the committee would focus on supporting its rulers and protecting them from the excesses of coaches, administrators and players against them ..!

• The question: Where are Al-Ittihad, the Referees Committee and the Discipline Committee from what Razvan did with referee Majed Al-Shamrani after the end of the Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal match? But where is the match observer from that incident and that sound that was broadcast on the air? Did they “hear it or else they would not have heard”? The right between the brackets is reserved for our colleague Adnan Jastinieh.

• Finally, Gibran Khalil Gibran says: One of the signs of maturity is that beautiful words no longer affect you, dazzle you, or make you feel in love. Only attitudes and actions are what do that.

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