Ford unveils specifications for the new generation of F-150 Raptor 2021


Follow-up – Amira Khaled (echo):

The American auto maker Ford has announced the new generation of the F-150 2021, and the spy lenses have taken new photos of it showing its progress in the development stage.

Ford indicated that the all-new F-150 Raptor will be presented on February 3, while it will unveil the car in a live broadcast on its YouTube channel.

The car derives its power from a twin-turbo V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters with 450 hp and 691 Newton meters of torque.

The new generation Ford Raptor is slated to get a V8 that may be used in the 760 hp Mustang Shelby GT500.

Rumors indicate that the plant will produce engines with power ranging from 725-750 hp, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming Ford F-150 Raptor gets that power.


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