For the third month .. Saudi Arabia strengthens its investment in American bonds


Saudi investments in US Treasury bills and bonds rose for the third month in a row to $ 137.6 billion at the end of last November.

And data from the US Treasury Department showed that the total Saudi investments in US bonds, until the end of last October, amounted to about $ 134.2 billion, up 2.5%, equivalent to about $ 3.4 billion.

Saudi Arabia’s investments in US Treasury bonds were distributed to $ 105.6 billion in long-term bonds, representing 77% of the total, while about $ 32 billion in short-term bonds, which account for 23% of the total.

On an annual basis, Saudi Arabia’s balance of US Treasury bonds and bills decreased by 23.4%, by $ 42.1 billion compared to November 2019, whose total investments in that month amounted to $ 179.7 billion.

Saudi investments are in treasury bonds and bills only, and do not include other investments in securities, assets and cash in dollars in the United States.

Globally, the total value of investments in US Treasury bills and bonds, until the end of last November, decreased by 0.2 percent to $ 7.054 trillion, compared to 7.068 trillion in the previous month.

According to US Treasury data released today, Japan topped the holders of US bonds by $ 1.261 trillion in November, compared to 1.270 trillion in October of 2020.

In second place, China ranked $ 1.063 trillion, compared to $ 1.054 trillion at the end of October. China was the largest investor in US Treasury bonds for years, but Japan surpassed them as of June 2019, after a trade war ravaged economic relations between the United States and China.

In third place came the United Kingdom with investments of 420.3 billion dollars, compared to 442.8 billion, and in fourth place Ireland with 314.3 billion dollars compared to 316.4 billion, on a monthly basis, while Luxembourg came fifth with 267.8 billion dollars compared to 266.2 billion, then Brazil with a possession of 262.2 billion dollars. Compared to 262.9 billion.


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