For the first time in American professional basketball, a woman coach for an NBA team


Hours before the unveiling of the year 2020 came to light, the NBA championship was witnessing a historic precedent with a match that took place at dawn between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.The match, which was burning with its events with great performance from both sides, saw before the end of its first part, the most experienced coach in the championship, Greg Popovich, was expelled from the field for harsh objection to the decisions of the match officials to sign the task of leading the Spears team to help him becky hamon, so that she would enter the history of American basketball as the first woman coach for an NBA team.

The first female coach in the American championship was estimated to clash with the brilliance of the championship king, LeBron James, by scoring 26 points for Teamo and 8 passes for his teammates, leaving no chance for San Antonio, and he tried to steal the victory from the team of lights, so the victory was clear for Akers over San Antonio with a score of 121-107. As for the Lakers, the other pole in the American championship was the Celtics team showing its last encounter in 2020, a very expensive victory over Memphis Grizzlies, with a great score of 126-107.

A match during which Celtic star Jaylyn Brown scored his best offensive performances by scoring 42 points with the Grizzlies basket to be alone and settle the confrontation in Boston, its third victory at the beginning of this season for two losses, while the Grizzlies team remained on one victory in exchange for recording the third loss in the American championship.


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