For a special bride … Here is the 2021 wedding dress fashion


Follow-up – Shady Alloush

The elegant appearance in the white dress is a beautiful dream for every bride, who is keen to appear distinctive on her night.

The “Elite” website, which specializes in the world of fashion and fashion, has published tips for choosing the most beautiful wedding dress for 2021 fashion.

And the site stated that the more simplicity the more elegant the dress.

Therefore, the bride should choose a simple wedding dress, which depends on the shape of the model and the luxury of the fabric.

According to the site, lace, silk and chiffon are among the most prominent and beautiful types of fabrics for wedding dresses.

The site indicated that the color of the wedding dress is preferred to be white.

Because in past years the color silver and white sugar was more fashionable than the color explicit white.

But the candid white is back in wedding dress fashion for 2021.

The site advised brides to choose wedding dresses that are short in the front and long from the back.

If the wedding date is in the morning to be more appropriate for that period.

But if the wedding ceremony is evening, it is preferable to choose elegant classic dresses.


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