Food security is at risk … Warning against losing some products, including powdered milk!


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At a time when the Lebanese authorities extended the complete closure until the eighth of next February with the dangerous increase in the number of “Corona” and the hospitals reaching their maximum capacity to confront the epidemic, Hani Bohsali, the head of the Food Importers Syndicate, revealed, through the electronic “Alanba”, that “Food security may be in danger, as Some products that are stored in warehouses are waiting for laboratory tests to enter the market, while the laboratories are completely closed, which may lead to the loss of some products, such as powdered milk, knowing that the quantities are present, but they are awaiting the tests and allowing them to be sold in the market.

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Bahsali, who renewed in an interview with the electronic newspaper “Al-Anbaa”, called on those concerned to “take closing decisions based on scientific foundations, far from randomness,” and warned against “reopening in a random manner, which will lead to people rushing to stores and other things, which will reflect an increase in injuries and a period Another closure must be established with a specific plan to open gradually.


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