“Food Safety”: Street vendors are a means of transporting “Corona” – localities – health


The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has warned of the danger of dealing with street vendors, especially in the food products sector, stressing that reporting them is a national duty, as they pose a health risk, specifically during the period of the spread of the “Covid-19” pandemic, as they are not subject to any control standards Or healthy, which may make them a means of transmitting the virus.

While the authority confirmed that it is working, around the clock, to verify the safety of all food products, especially local and imported meat, at all stages of the food chain, through six practices, or control measures, on all slaughterhouses, stores and licensed sales outlets, the most prominent of which is to ensure the availability of Health certificate, halal slaughter certificate, and seals.

The authority launched a new awareness campaign, during which it warned consumers, citizens and residents, of the dangers of dealing with street vendors in the food products sector, in line with government measures and efforts to prevent the Coronavirus and prevent its spread, and the need to take precautionary measures to achieve the highest levels of health and safety for society.

She stressed, during the campaign that she broadcast on her official accounts on various social media platforms, the importance of the consumers ’commitment to purchase only from licensed outlets, saying:“ To ensure access to high-quality healthy products, care must be taken to purchase them from approved and licensed sales outlets, and to avoid dealing With unlicensed sales outlets, such as street vendors, who pose a health risk, as they are not subject to any control or health measures, which may contribute to transmitting or increasing the rates of infection with the (Covid-19) pandemic, in addition to exposing the vegetables and fruits that they sell to pollutants , Such as: (car exhaust smoke, dust and dirt), may negatively affect the health of the consumer, and the health of his family.

She added that “street vendors are a phenomenon that distorts the civilized face of the state. Therefore, care must be taken to report them, as this is a national responsibility that rests with everyone in society, to ensure a safe and healthy society, and not accepting purchases from street vendors, or just dealing with them, contributes positively. In combating this phenomenon, he called on all parts of society not to hesitate to report street vendors through the Abu Dhabi Government Call Center (800555), or the authority’s social media channels.

Control measures to ensure the safety of meat

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, in a guideline on local and imported meat seals and labels, stated that its inspectors work around the clock to verify the safety of all food products, especially domestic and imported meats, at all stages of the food chain, through six control practices or procedures. On all slaughterhouses, shops and licensed outlets, it includes ensuring the availability of the health certificate, the halal slaughter certificate, implementing an effective system for tracking and retrieving meat from the market in the event that it is proven unfit for human consumption, as well as ensuring the safety of meat and its products, through physical examination, and collecting samples in a manner. Periodic follow-up of food poisoning cases, and investigation of complaints related to establishments operating in the field of meat, in addition to routine inspection of means of transporting meat, to ensure compliance with health conditions that ensure the safety of meat during transport, and finally to limit adulteration and fraud practices related to the type and source of meat And the expiration date.

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