Food is the most prominent manifestation of the American economic crisis: 30 million do not have food


US President Joe Biden yesterday proposed ways to address one of the most prominent manifestations of the economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic, which is the food crisis, by pledging immediate aid to the millions of unemployed Americans who are unable to secure a livelihood, who are crowded with food banks, who number up to 30 million. American.
According to the “French”, that waiting for the Congress to vote on the huge emergency aid plan worth 1.9 trillion dollars, which was unveiled last week, the Democratic President issued two decrees, the first aimed at increasing food aid in the country to face one of the worst crises in its modern history, and the second aimed at Promote social rights for workers in federal agencies.
Two days after his inauguration, the new US president continues to highlight his priorities through presidential decisions. In the first three days of his tenure, Biden made about 30 decisions.
“About 30 million Americans suffer from not having enough food,” said Brian Diez, director of the National Economic Council at the White House, during a press conference.
He added, “This includes a black or Latino adult out of five, according to a new investigation,” explaining that in total, one house out of seven suffers from difficulties in obtaining adequate food. Currently, 12 million children do not have enough to eat in the United States, as schools provide daily meals for students from poor families.
In cities, queues for centers serving daily soup have grown more and more crowded, while food banks are crowded with people, even in the affluent suburbs of Washington, DC.
Biden will ask the Department of Agriculture to expand and facilitate its program to help people and families with limited or no income, which replaced the food-card system previously that allowed low-income families to supply basic food commodities from certified stores.
And the value of the electronic card that replaced the food tickets “whose value is between one, five and ten dollars” will be raised by 15 percent “to correctly reflect the price of the meals” due to the closure of schools. Currently, the electronic card saves $ 5.70 per day for every child in school.
Brian Diez said, “These are tangible steps and will help families who need support from now,” adding, “They are not sufficient to solve the food crisis we are facing.”
The official added, “Hence the necessity to develop a rescue plan for the economy, about which negotiations in Congress are supposed to start soon.”
And while a number of Americans have lost their jobs or are without income, the Biden administration also wants to ensure that the direct checks voted by Congress reach the families most in need.
According to the National Economic Council, “a large number of Americans are facing difficulties in receiving the first batch of direct payments and have not received about eight million families who meet the conditions after the payments that were issued in March.”
Biden’s second decree would improve social conditions for workers in federal agencies.
Biden will issue a decree “in the first 100 days” of his mandate to compel private contractors to pay a salary of $ 15 an hour as a minimum and to guarantee their employees a “paid emergency vacation.”
The National Economic Council commented in a memo, saying that “these measures contribute to making the federal government an example for employers and restoring social protection for permanent employees who are very important to the country.”
Among the urgent economic measures, Biden decreed that deadlines should be delayed to evict tenants who have not paid dues to their homes.
About 18 million Americans live on unemployment benefits. It is assumed that these measures will be extended until September, in addition to the possibility of taking a paid sick leave in case of infection with Covid-19.
And in December, unemployment rose to 6.7 percent, well above the 3.5 percent recorded last year before the outbreak.
On Thursday, Biden took a series of decrees to confront the epidemic. And he has been repeating for months that defeating the epidemic is a prerequisite for the economy to recover.


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