Fonseca after a deadly draw against Inter Milan: Roma lost their power


Commented Paulo Fonseca The coach of Roma is about to draw his team against Inter Milan in a fatal timing in the Italian League.

The Nerazzurri was leading by two goals, and then Gianluica Mancini snatched the equalizer in the 86th minute.

The coach told “DAZN” after the match: “It is difficult for me to comment on this game. We played a good first half, then we were not the same team for 15-20 minutes. After Inter scored the second goal, we suddenly came back to ourselves again.” “.

He added: “Unfortunately, those 15-20 minutes at the start of the second half were fatal. It is not physical, because we finished high at the same pace as the first half.”

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Fonseca continued: “Inter started the second half by moving Brozovic and Vidal, so we lost the ability to pressure them in that area. Our team lost its intensity and strength and was not aggressive either, so it was difficult against a team like Inter when we were not able to pressure.”

The coach continued Rome: “What we must realize is that we can play the same way throughout 90 minutes, while preserving our identity and intensity for the full game, because we cannot bear making mistakes or taking breaks against an opponent of this quality.”

On the capital’s derby and the next confrontation with Lazio, Fonseca completed: “It is another match that we must prepare for, it will be difficult, because Lazio is a great team. We must focus on what we can improve, and this is consistency throughout the match.”


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