Following in the footsteps of the “trio” … Hamdan refuses to renew


Al-Baltan in an interview with Al-Hamdan before the start of the team's training on Saturday
Al-Baltan in an interview with Al-Hamdan before the start of the team’s training on Saturday

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International Abdullah Al-Hamdan, the striker of the first youth football team, rejected the offer made by his club management to renew his contract, which expires at the end of the current season, to follow in the footsteps of the trio Abdullah Al-Khaibri, Hattan Bahbari, and Abdul Majeed Al-Salih.
Khaled Al-Baltan, the youth president, confirmed that he offered Al-Hamdan a yearly 5 million riyals for renewal, but he refused, asking to get 10 million per season.
Al-Hamdan is expected to move to any other team at the end of the current season, and he can also negotiate with everyone within days after entering the free period, which makes his continuation in the youth ranks in doubt, based on the statements of the club president.
Al-Hamdan repeated the scenario of the former youth stars with their team, as he was preceded by the international Abdullah Al-Khaibri, who had refused to renew his contract previously to move to Al-Nassr 2019.
The same is the case for Hattan Bahbari, after he refused to renew his contract with Al-Shabab in 2019, before moving to Al-Hilal after the approval of all parties instead of his departure for free at the end of the season at the time, and the matter did not stop at this duo, as Abdul Majeed Al-Salih preferred to move to Al-Nasr last summer After the end of his official contract with the youth and the lack of an agreement regarding the renewal of the contract.
And the youth president, Abdullah Al-Hamdan openly criticized on his club’s YouTube channel, saying that the striker scored one goal, received 3 yellow cards, and in the end he wanted to get a high salary that is not at all proportional to what he has presented on the stadium so far.
Khaled Al-Baltan promised to create a team capable of winning championships during the coming summer period, indicating that the current team’s strength does not exceed 60%.
Al-Baltan said, “Al-Hamdan refused to sit with us and adhered to negotiations after entering the 6-month period that allows him to move to any club without returning to us.”
He added, “We gave Al-Hamdan more than he deserves, and you can imagine a striker playing 13 matches and only scoring one goal and winning 3 bookings.”
He continued, “The door is open for everyone who wants to leave the club, whether Hamdan or other players, because the club does not stop at a specific player.”
And on the departure of Algerian defender Jamal Balamri of the club earlier, Al-Baltan assured that the team has made many gains after leaving and the dressing room is healthy. Adding: “Al-Shabab did not lose the exit of Jamal Balamri, but the team achieved many gains, the most important of which is that the situation in the dressing room has become healthy, which puts the team on the path of championships.”
The president of Al-Shabab club stressed that the Algerian defender will not be able to return to play in Saudi Arabia without the approval of the Al-Shabab club.
Al-Baltan indicated that the club’s management is proceeding according to a specific methodology in the contracts that are based on expert advice, revealing that he personally negotiated with Spaniard Diego Costa, but the player refused the club’s offer.
He said, “The team now needs only 3 players in order to compete for titles and to sign with a foreign striker of high value, it takes time because the negotiation process goes through many complications.”
Al-Baltan called on the youth fans to support the club financially and morally and to remain calm in all cases because the administration is working according to a strategy that has gone through great stages.
He said: “There is little public interaction with regard to financial contributions, despite our facilitation of contributions and a lot of criticism directed at us is far from realistic.”
Al-Baltan concluded his speech that after the coming summer, the qualitative leap for young people will be completed by making a strong team, wishing the administration that comes after him to preserve it.

Following in the footsteps of the


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