Final decision in the case of the endowment of Muhammad Ramadan


Khaberni – The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters decided, on Saturday, to cancel a lawsuit against the artist Mohamed Ramadan, demanding that he be prevented from holding concerts or photographing works of art inside Egypt, according to our correspondent in Cairo.

The decision also included the cancellation of the case demanding the dropping of Ramadan’s membership in the Syndicate of Music and Film Professions.

The lawsuit came after the publication of a picture of Muhammad Ramadan with a famous Israeli actor on social media.

The Theatrical Professions Syndicate decided in late December to close the investigation that it had opened against Ramadan after the incident, contenting with the period of suspension imposed on him, which reached about a month.

The same incident prompted a production company to stop working on the series “ Musa”, in which Muhammad Ramadan plays the lead role, but Egyptian media outlets said that filming had already started in recent days.

The series is expected to be shown next Ramadan, written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, directed by Muhammad Salama, and starring Sumaya al-Khashab, Riad al-Khouli and others.


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