FilGoal | News | Mourinho: Once again we conceded an unacceptable goal … We did not kill the match


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho expressed his displeasure at his side’s 1-1 draw against Fulham on Wednesday in the 16th round of the Premier League.

The Portuguese expressed his outrage at the mistakes he described as repeated, which cost his team losing two new points in the league race to become sixth in the ranking and six points away from leaders Manchester United.

Mourinho told Amazon Prime: “Once again we conceded a goal that could have been avoided. Foolam was losing, he tried, but Hugo Lloris (Tottenham goalkeeper) did not save any dangerous chances, we did not kill the match.”

The former Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid coach continued, “We had many chances to kill the game. In other situations, especially in foreign matches, we win, but we do not aspire to score again and kill the match. There are individual mistakes, I cannot say more than that.”

Mourinho denied that his club was planning to move quickly in the current winter transfer market, after winning one match and losing twice in the last 6 league matches.

“No, I do not expect us to enter the market,” he said in response to a question about seeking to recruit new players.

The Spurs team will visit Sheffield United on Sunday, and after 6 days, they face their host Wikombe Wanderers in the fourth round of the Federation Cup.

Then hosts Liverpool in an upcoming summit on January 28.


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