Fifi Abdo addresses her audience and explains the fact that her health has deteriorated


During the past hours, news spread about the deterioration of the health of the Egyptian star Vivi Abdo and her entry into the intensive care room, and in her first response to that news, she posted a video clip while she was lying on the bed of her room, sending a message to her followers and fans to reassure them of her health.

And she said: “O group, in the name of God, God willing, God is the greatest five and five over you, O Fofu, oh God, life is not a bane. I respond to those who say that I am in recovery after evil on me, God willing, who hates me and does not wish you on the idea.”

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the rumors that followed her about her deteriorating health and entering the intensive care unit, and her condition was stable.

It is worth noting that Fifi confirmed that she has been receiving treatment six months ago and refuses to announce it, referring to the photo posted on Facebook that is old and not at the present time.

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