Fayrouz attends the knafeh .. What is the relationship of Celine Dion? – Norte Newspaper


Social media pioneers traded a video with a comment bearing the name “the artist Turquoise The kunafa attends, ”and the video featured a woman who is very similar to the Lebanese artist TurquoiseAnd she is preparing the kunafa to the rhythm of the song “greet him”.

The audience interacted with the great similarity that brought this lady together with the able artist, stressing that it is difficult to differentiate between them and that the similarities that unite them are unbelievable.

It later emerged that the woman who appeared in the video was a Palestinian resident of USAAnd her daughter usually shares videos through her Tik Tok account on how to prepare Arab food and sweets in general and Palestinian food in particular, the last of which is how to prepare kunafa.

After the great uproar that was raised about this lady, another video was circulated in which she appears with more than one view, so that the audience sees that she is closer to the likeness of the international star. Celine Dion more than Turquoise While a number of social media pioneers said that it is a mixture between the two stars.

This evoked a large number of pioneers of social networking sites, Rima Rahbani daughter Turquoise, Commenting that she may file a lawsuit against this woman because of her likenessTurquoise, Citing Rima’s controversial behavior, and her lawsuits against everyone who performs a song for her mother, in addition to her offensive style that she uses every time and exposes her to criticism.

Speaking of Turquoise She had recently spread several rumors that she had B.Corona Virus The newcomer, and some rumors spread about her death, which was denied more than once.

This is indicated by Turquoise She had been called the late musician Elias Rahbani On its official Facebook page, where it posted a video showing Elias playing the piano and his older brother, the late musician standing next to him. Assi Rahbani Couple TurquoiseHanging: “They abandoned the hot loved ones,” and it was Elias Rahbani He passed away at the beginning of this month, after suffering with Corona Virus.

It is reported that Turquoise She married the composer Assi Rahbani And she gave birth to Ziad, Layal, Rima and Hali with him.


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