Fares Karam in the deadliest attack on Corona vaccine celebrities … did he mean Assi El-Hillani?


Although days have passed since his tweet was published, internet pioneers in the past few hours shared the opinion of the artist Faris Karam with the celebrities who documented receiving the Corona vaccine by publishing their photos, so he wrote in the most violent attack on them:

“I understand that you are protecting yourself and taking the vaccine against Corona. But I was surprised when you brag about it on Social Media and close your eyes to people who don’t eat together and stand at the hospital gate,” and concluded with the hashtag “Those who feared are dead.”

Some tried to fish in the murky water and considered that Faris Karam had visited his colleague Assi El-Hillani with his tweet, so Karam explained in a second tweet:

“Abu Al-Walid is the love of my heart and one of the closest people, and we are always in contact, and the one who brings us together has been with great love for a long time. And the disobedient originally did not come down with a picture of an uncle who took the vaccine and an uncle who was bragging about even being with his intention like what some say.”

Fares Karam added, “God protect him and his family, and whoever hunts with cloudy water will not go up with us and a point on the line.”


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