“False” information about Corona vaccines … and science is responding to it


The scientific obstacles were not the only ones that stood in the way of producing vaccines against the Corona epidemic, after developing them and putting them in vaccination campaigns in a large number of countries of the world, the problem of “doubts” appeared“.

And with the news of the approval of many vaccines in the East and West in late 2020, it seemed that the matter formed a light at the end of the tunnel..

But then, a wave of skepticism began about vaccines, which health experts say is unfounded.

For example, opinion polls showed that only between 50 and 70 percent of Americans made up their mind and decided to receive the vaccine, according to the “Huffington Post” newspaper, and this means that a large percentage also decided not to receive the vaccine because of lack of confidence in it..

The newspaper highlighted what it considered “7 false information” without bases regarding vaccines against the Corona virus, and highlighted the scientists’ response to it, namely:

The vaccines were produced in a hurry, so they will remain unsafe: indeed, vaccines were produced at an unprecedented speed, but this does not mean that scientists skipped the necessary scientific steps..

Infectious disease expert Linda Yancey says that what happened is not urgent, pointing out that “vaccine manufacturers and governments removed many bureaucratic procedures that usually slowed down the development and production of the vaccine.”“.

She pointed out that the vaccines have gone through the necessary steps, that is, clinical trials 3 times, and the results were published and then production began, and the authorities in the United States are monitoring the safety of the vaccine after it is distributed in order to seek more reassurance..

The vaccine will lead to your infection with the epidemic: The “Pfizer Bionic” and “Moderna” vaccines do not contain the inactivated virus, and other vaccines that adopt the inactivated virus method have proven their ability to confront the virus, and it has not been proven that they have led to infection..

The source of this misconception is that people may feel unwell after receiving vaccination, so they think that they are infected with the virus, which is common with those who have received vaccinations against other diseases such as influenza..

Yancy said that it is normal to experience some symptoms after receiving the vaccine, such as pain in the arm, due to the body’s immune response.

The vaccine alters your DNA: Some vaccines use messenger RNA Messenger RNA (Short mRNA)It is a technique that prompts the cells of the body to produce “spiky protein” bodies located on the surface of the virus, leading to an immune response that protects against infection..

But this technique does not interact with the DNA of the vaccine recipient.

“This is one of the things that you hear daily, but there are a number of reasons that prevent this, as DNA is protected by a membrane that prevents anything from entering it easily,” said Nicole Euvine, chief epidemiologist at University Hospital of Florida.“.

She added, “The vaccine goes to the outer part of our cells which is called the cytoplasm, and does not enter the nucleus (where the genetic material is found).”“.

The vaccine causes infertility: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those considering pregnancy, get the Corona vaccine, although no trials have been conducted specifically on this group..

Experts confirm that there is absolutely no evidence that vaccination causes infertility, and Yancy believes that it is “a pure lie, which activists against vaccination often spread with various vaccines.”“.

In fact, vaccination against the epidemic may be important for mothers and their children, but the problem was that clinical trials excluded pregnant women from them..

You have recovered from the epidemic, there is no need for a vaccine: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States says that anyone who has been infected with the Corona virus and has recovered from it would prefer to receive the vaccine, but after months.

She adds that infection again within 90 days after recovery is very unlikely, but this does not mean that there is no need to receive the vaccine, but it is preferable to wait a few months before taking this step..

This is because there are still many questions about how long normal immunity a body acquires after a disease, as well as how strong is it..

Vaccination means that infection is impossible: the vaccine takes time to become effective, so most of the vaccines that have been approved so far are taken in two separate doses, the distance between them reaches 21 days, and even after that there is a need for 28 days for the body to be immune, and this means that all precautions must be taken within this period of time.

Severe reactions are common: there is indeed an allergic reaction to receiving some vaccines, but these symptoms are rare and have not exceeded 21 cases out of the 1.8 million doses distributed of the “Pfizer Bionic” vaccine in the United States..

“At this point, the incidence of a severe allergic reaction to this vaccine would be less than 1 in a million,” Yancy said“.


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