Fajr Al-Saeed criticizes Kuwaiti health and travels to Saudi Arabia to receive the Corona vaccine


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The Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, said that she would leave for the Kingdom to receive the “Corona” vaccine, at a time when she criticized the Ministry of Health in her country.

Fajr Al-Saeed said on Twitter: “I forgot to tell you something … Thursday, God willing, to travel to his brother’s country next door to take the vaccine, because in Kuwait I cannot take it because I am afraid of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health … and I will stay in the neighboring country for 21 days to take the second dose and the passport is the money for the Corona application. .. Therefore, I will be absent from television … may God help you with my teams. ”
The Kuwaiti media confirmed that it decided to take the Pfizer vaccine, after knowing that it was the approved vaccine in Saudi Arabia, adding in another tweet: “They asked me what the vaccine should be taken from Kuwait. I killed them. Pfizer I said that we fast after them, break our fast after them, celebrate with them, perform Hajj with them, celebrate the victim with them, and we will save with the vaccination we turn to others. Of course, I take Pfizer. ”


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