Facebook’s quarterly profit of $ 11.2 billion, and sales of $ 28 billion


On Wednesday, Facebook announced significant profits during the fourth quarter, as consumers increasingly relied on social media during the lockdown and the global health crisis.
And Facebook’s user base has expanded in a world shaken by the outbreak of the new Corona virus.
The company reported $ 11.2 billion in profits from sales of $ 28 billion, up 53% and 33%, respectively, compared to the same period a year ago.
“We have made a solid end to the year as people and companies continue to use our services during these difficult times,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
The company said its main Facebook site had 2.8 billion users at the end of December, while 3.3 billion people used at least one of its apps, which also includes Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.
Likewise, the Facebook CEO announced that the social network will no longer recommend its users to join political groups, a measure it has implemented in the United States since the fall due to electoral tensions.
And Facebook, which played a major role in the “Arab Spring” revolutions ten years ago, is now trying to polish its image after it was tarnished by numerous political debates and scandals since the election of Donald Trump and the referendum on Brexit in 2016.
“We intend to keep civil and political groups outside the recommendations for the long term, and we plan to expand this policy to include the whole world,” Zuckerberg said during his presentation of the social media giant’s quarterly financial results, stressing that the goal of this measure is “to calm things down and discourage divisive discussions.”
The CEO of Facebook expressed his hope that 2021 will be a suitable year “to devise ways to create economic opportunities, build societies and help people just have fun.”
In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, Facebook faced boycott by many brands over the summer, and severe tensions marred its relationship with civil society, elected officials and the authorities.
Facebook responded to this situation by doubling its measures aimed at monitoring content and curbing false and misleading news, but these measures did not satisfy many anti-racism organizations or that defend rights and freedoms in general.
“In September, we announced that we had removed more than a million sets in one year,” Zuckerberg said.
“But there are also a lot of groups that we don’t want to encourage people to join, even if they don’t violate our rules,” he added.
The founder of the giant platform also noted that his employees are also trying to devise ways to reduce the appearance of political content in the users’ “latest news” section.
“Of course it will always be possible for those who wish to participate in discussions and political groups to do so,” he added.
He pointed out that “one of the most important comments that we hear from our community now is that people do not want politics and battles to overshadow their experience in our services.”


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