Eye makeup 2021 … these are the most prominent options


Extend / During this year, the world of makeup will be more creative than usual, especially with regard to eye make-up, as the eyes will be the focus of attention when applying make-up at any given time, especially since wearing a mask will be part of a woman’s diary in the first part of 2021 at least. Hence, get ready to try the most powerful and rejuvenating eye makeup method. In this article, we have selected the most prominent eye makeup trends for 2021, so do you have the courage to try them?

Bold eyelashes and drawn liner

Extremely long and voluminous eyelashes are often a favorite among women, whatever makeup style they adopt. It gives the eyes full beauty and attractiveness without any effort, and makes perfect eye makeup regardless of the shape of the eye. And in 2021, bold eyelashes will continue to be one of the hottest makeup trends, so look for a set of long and dense false eyelashes that do not burden your eyes and you can easily remove them. Besides the bold eyelashes, use the eyeliner drawing pulled out of the eye.

Colored eye shadow

Colored eye shadows will in turn be one of the most prominent makeup trends in 2021, and they are not only amazing and bold, but they do not require high skills to apply them, in addition to that they highlight your eyes and give your face a radiance and glow. To apply colored eye makeup, you simply need one eye shadow and a brush (you can use your fingertips as well) to create an attractive eye look. You can wear shiny pink eyeshadows, paired with nude lipstick and glowing complexions.

Winged Smoky Kohl

Throughout the year 2020, winged eyeliner has been one of the most popular makeup trends for women and makeup artists. But in 2021, it will be replaced by a winged smokey kohl that makes the eyes bigger and wider. All you need to get a winged smokey eyeliner is a black eyeliner pencil that does not dry quickly, and a brush to create the desired smokey look. Make sure to apply the primer beforehand to ensure the eyeliner lasts for a long time.

Graphic eyeliner

Red graphic eye makeup

Graphic eyeliner has gained wide popularity in 2020, and it will remain a very popular fashion in 2021, as it was seen on all runways of the Spring and Summer 2021 shows. So you can try it in different styles that suit the shape of your eyes and in colors that are in harmony with your skin. Try red or neon orange eyeliner …


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