Exclusion of “sports” from the blanket lockdown in England


Professional sporting competitions in England, especially the Premier League, will continue in England, despite the country’s return to a state of total closure announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday evening.

The list of exceptions published by the British government allows elite athletes to train and compete.

Prior to the government announcement, the English Premier League confirmed that it had no plans to suspend the season, which is what some players are asking for, following the postponement of matches due to new coronavirus infections within clubs.

On Monday evening, Johnson announced a return to lockdown across the country to combat the outbreak of the fastest-transmitting mutating Corona virus.

He said in a televised speech that the new, strict closure similar to the one imposed last spring, includes the closure of schools, and that it will continue until mid-February, if circumstances allow.

In Scotland, where Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon announced a complete lockdown Monday for the entire month of January, the sport will also continue after being included in the list of exceptions.


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