Employees of private schools in Sharjah are required to check Corona every 14 days – Local – Health


The Sharjah Private Education Authority confirmed that it is following up and evaluating developments regarding the Coronavirus at the emirate and country level, noting that it issued a circular regarding updating precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus in schools and private educational institutions, which includes six new requirements.

In its circular, which Emirates Today obtained a copy of, it indicated that, based on the developments related to “Covid-19”, and in the interest of the safety of all employees and students in educational institutions in Sharjah, all workers in private schools and educational institutions must conduct an examination Nasal swab (PCR) every 14 days, with the exception of workers who have received the “Covid-19” vaccine, and individuals who have obtained a medical report or certificate approved by the official health authorities in the country, indicating that they cannot receive the vaccine according to their health condition, provided that the administration of the educational institution takes care of For conducting a Corona examination for them every 14 days.

The circular stipulated that if workers in private educational institutions need to come to the headquarters of the authority, they must present a valid examination result for a nasal swab for a period not exceeding three days, before entering the authority, with the exception of workers who have received two doses of the vaccine against «Covid- 19 ».

The circular indicated that all private educational institutions in the emirate are committed to feeding the “Tamam” educational platform with the numbers of teachers and their workers who have received the “Covid-19” vaccine, the results of the examiners and all that is required by the authority.

In her circular, she also indicated that a special track has been allocated for the Expo Center Sharjah, dedicated to providing the vaccine against “Covid-19”, for workers in private educational institutions who wish to obtain the vaccine to facilitate their taking the vaccine.

She confirmed that the control teams will request the results of a negative examination of the nasal swab from workers in educational institutions, or present a certificate of vaccination with two doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine.

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