Emirates News Agency – Sandooq Al Watan celebrates the virtual graduation of the “Artificial Intelligence” program from the Emirati Coder initiative


ABU DHABI, January 6, / WAM / With the support of Aldar Real Estate, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Al Watan Fund organized a virtual graduation ceremony for the “Artificial Intelligence Program” from the intermediate stage of the “Emirati Programmer” initiative, which numbered 200 students.

The ceremony was attended by Ahmed Mahmoud Fikry, Acting Director General of the Watan Fund, Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Care and Activities Sector at the Ministry of Education, Greg Fewar, Director of Financial and Sustainability Affairs at Aldar Real Estate, and Funakat Farada, Executive Director and Sales Director of the Tanker educational platform.

The program continued for two weeks with the aim of providing participants with advanced skills in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it also attracted for the first time 60 students who were nominated by the Ministry of Education after they were able to achieve distinction in the basic stages with a set of competitions implemented by the ministry.

His Excellency Ahmed Mahmoud Fikry congratulated the graduates of the program, praising the distinguished level they showed throughout the program.

His Excellency affirmed that artificial intelligence has become an essential axis for making the future of countries, pointing to the Fund’s keenness to develop the capabilities of national talents and provide them with all the necessary skills in order to master the language of programming, which is one of the basic areas that contribute to the establishment of a knowledge and sustainable economy in the country.

He thanked Aldar Properties for its support for the Emirati coder initiative, which, since its establishment, has contributed to the qualification of many promising Emirati talents in this field, praising the efforts of the Ministry of Education and its keenness to partner with the Al Watan Fund in order to qualify a distinguished generation of programmers.

For her part, Her Excellency Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi thanked the Al Watan Fund for all forms of support it provides to enhance the efficiency of education and investment in the nation’s generations, considering that this strategic partnership that brings together the two parties is a model for constructive cooperation that is in the interest of our students and the entire educational system.

And she said – in her speech during the virtual ceremony -: “Today we are proud of the constellation of our students affiliated with the Emirati Programmer Program, and we congratulate them for their graduation.

Noting that this initiative was launched from the core of the state’s vision in preparation for the next fifty years, as such initiatives qualify and prepare our students for the requirements of the future in line with global trends in the various fields of knowledge. Certainly, the initiative will contribute to devoting higher thinking skills, constructive criticism, problem solving and reaching solutions, which are skills that are not The student touches it directly, but acquires it and senses it automatically while practicing programming. ”

Her Excellency added: “Today we are taking broad and proactive steps to qualify our students by providing them with advanced skills and all capabilities related to artificial intelligence, and what supports the achievement of the country’s future plans based on modern science and specific skills that we employ in the right context. Perhaps the Corona pandemic is evidence of the importance of investing technological skills to face challenges.” .

On her part, Salwa Al-Maflahi, Director of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Department at Aldar Properties, said that the race for excellence and leadership that the UAE is waging requires the necessity to establish a culture of innovation, programming and information technology in the next generation, which will be the main engine in achieving the vision of the wise leadership in building a diversified and sustainable knowledge economy.

She added, “The Emirati Coder Initiative” is one of the qualitative initiatives that contribute to preparing and qualifying a generation of competencies that have the capabilities and skills to meet the requirements of the labor market in the future. We at Aldar are committed to supporting and providing innovative educational programs that ensure that all challenges are anticipated and transformed into opportunities that will ensure sustainability. The state’s development march. ”

The “Emirati Programmer” – launched by Fund Al Watan – consists of several stages that begin in its elementary stage with teaching students to program electronic games and basic programming concepts. In the middle stage, the focus is on the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the advanced stages, the participants’ capabilities in advanced programming skills are developed in the language of Python and electronic application building.

The middle stage of the “Emirati coder” aimed at building the capabilities of participants in the field of artificial intelligence, which has become an important sector in our country’s vision to build a better future for future generations. This stage includes many educational and knowledge lectures and training courses that will refine and build the capabilities of a generation of distinguished and empowered people. From the language of the future.

The Emirati Coder is a knowledge platform that allows male and female students from all emirates of the country to acquire distinct programming skills, including developing creative and analytical thinking skills, how to build an electronic application and design through an intensive set of courses and educational programs.

It aims to teach Emirati students in various emirates of the country between the ages of 7 and 14 the basics of the programming language in a fun way before studying it in advanced study stages, thus contributing to the creation of a generation armed with the language of the age capable of creating a bright future for the country.


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