Emirates News Agency – Jiu-Jitsu stars confirm their participation in the “Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour” in Moscow next February


ABU DHABI, January 11th, WAM – A large number of jiu-jitsu legends and stars in the world have confirmed their participation in the third round of the sixth edition of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which will be held in Moscow on February 7th.

Among the most prominent names that announced their attendance and participation, and registered on the tournament website, are Brazilian champion Gabriele Pasinha, “Queen of the Rug” in 2019 and the number one in the world, and her compatriots Larissa Baez and Claire Civignon, in addition to the stars Francesco Jonas Andrade, Calil Santos, Bahraini Ali Monfridi and Charles Negromonte, Jaime Canuto, Igor Silva, Larissa Baez, and the 77kg champion in the recent Rio Grand Slam tour is Brazilian Lucas Gilberto.

His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al Hashemi, President of the UAE and Asian Federations, First Vice President of the International Federation, confirmed that the Moscow Grand Slam tour has become one of the most important tours, although it is being held for the second time, indicating that Russia is one of the countries that is developing remarkably and rapidly in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu, as the number of practitioners of the game It is constantly increasing, and they also have a promising project to develop the game and create heroes, and are keen to communicate continuously with the UAE Federation and Abu Dhabi Professional Jiu-Jitsu Association to benefit from the UAE’s experience in publishing and developing the game and making heroes, and they are calling for an increase in the number of tournaments organized by the League there after the great success achieved by the version The past in Moscow, as well as after the many participations they had in the tournaments organized by the Emirates.

In his statements to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”, Al-Hashemi expressed his thanks and appreciation to the country’s embassy in Russia, headed by His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ahmed bin Sultan Al-Jaber, the country’s ambassador to the Russian Federation, for the great efforts they have made and are making to make all the tours and sporting events organized by the Abu Dhabi Association of Jiu-Jitsu Professionals succeed in Russia.

He said: “For us in the Emirates, we consider our pioneering experience in spreading and developing the game and making champions in schools, clubs, institutions and private academies, as well as our professional experience in organizing major tournaments in all continents of the world belongs to everyone, and we welcome everyone who wants to benefit from them or even reproduce them because that It will enrich the competition and contribute strongly to the success of the endeavors to adopt the Olympia game, and therefore it is not surprising that the number of tournaments organized by the UAE outside its borders exceeds 80 international championships per year. ”

Commenting on the keenness of the most prominent international classifiers to participate in the Moscow tour, Al-Hashemi affirmed: “This is clear evidence of the heroes’ confidence in the Emirati organizational success, and in the Abu Dhabi Association of Jiu-Jitsu Professionals applying the highest standards of health prevention within the precautionary measures adopted in the medical protocol, and we are proud that our tours Continuing around the world despite the Corona pandemic, and the successes achieved in the Miami and Rio de Janeiro rounds thanks to the efforts of the work team, whether in providing the appropriate environment for competitions, or in applying precautionary measures with the utmost precision, especially if we know that the Jiu-Jitsu tournaments organized by the UAE are the only ones that are held in The world is currently starting from the summer of last year, in light of the suspension of activity due to the effects of Corona in most countries of the world, and in most continental, international and regional federations.

Al-Hashemi added: “I met with Tariq Al-Bahri, Director of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu Tours today, and stressed the need to implement the agenda of foreign tournaments on time, while ensuring that the precautionary measures are applied with utmost precision, and continue to challenge the conditions to transform the Corona pandemic and its negative effects on the world into a success story in the UAE. And she asked him to continue implementing the system of new laws that include canceling preferences and converting them into points, and resorting to the golden minute in the event that the original time ends in a draw, after the great success it had achieved in the last rounds.

For his part, Tariq Al-Bahri, Director of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tours for Jujitsu, confirmed that the registration door will close on February 2, but in the event that the target numbers are reached before the date, the closure can be accelerated before this date, especially in light of the great turnout from various countries of the world in recent days, He pointed out that the competitions will be held for adult groups and professors of purple, brown and black belts, men and women, and that the elite of international referees will be chosen to manage the fights to provide full justice to the players, and that 600 million followers of martial arts enthusiasts around the world are waiting to follow this great event through the stations and channels of the event. And all the specialized websites and applications. ”

WAM / Amin Al-Dubli / Dina Omar


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