Emirates News Agency – Arab playwrights call for the “Sharjah Youth” experience to be circulated in the Arab world


Sharjah, January 12, / WAM / Arab dramatists demanded the popularization of Sharjah’s pioneering experience in the field of theater and cinema in all Arab countries for its prominent role in enriching the Emirati art scene and providing it with creative young energies capable of continuing the artistic path and expressing the dreams and hopes of young people, as well as contributing to building a personality Young people and nurturing their talents .. describing this experience with the wonderful systematic and strategic work that focuses on attracting artistic figures from different countries of the Arab world to train young people and introduce them to the various arts of presentation, and to equip them with artistic, sensory, motor and linguistic skills.

This came during the open day of the Nashia Theater, organized by the Sharjah Youth Foundation affiliated with the Rubu Qarn Foundation to create leaders and innovators remotely through the Zoom platform on the occasion of the Arab Theater Day, with the participation of a group of theater professors in the Arab world with the aim of shedding light on distinguished young people in the field. Theater and cinematography, announcing the most important programs and artistic initiatives for the current year 2021, and opening new horizons for dialogue about the future of theater and cinema in Sharjah, in response to the words of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, “Let us make theater a school of morals and freedom.”

Abdul Hamid Al-Yassi, Director of the Youth Care Department at Sharjah Youth, affirmed the youngsters ’keenness to provide their affiliates with different skills in a variety of fields, including the field of arts through which the focus is on theater and cinematic arts programs in particular, which attracted a large number of affiliates who showed remarkable response and interest in the theatrical field. In all its shapes and colors, they excelled in producing many distinctive works of art.

The open day witnessed the screening of a documentary film featuring the most important achievements of the Sharjah youth in the fields of theater and cinema for 2020, and the most prominent theater and cinematic programs that provided the members with a free space to express their talents by participating in artistic works that discussed their aspirations and hopes.

The Emirati artist, Mari Al-Helian, praised the role of Sharjah youth in embracing talents in an important age from 13 to 18 years, and helping them achieve their dreams in various scientific, artistic, literary and sports disciplines, pointing out that Sharjah youth has made great strides not only at the local level but also on The Arab level also because it was able to express the products of its affiliates to participate in festivals outside the borders of the country in a way that was a main supporter of their experience and talents.

The open day included the screening of a short movie produced by Al-Nashia, entitled “The Friend’s Departed, and the Passion Remains”, with a training vision by film director Talal Mahmoud.

Adnan Salloum, supervisor of the theater arts track at Sharjah Youth, and Al-Fateh Hamida, an administrator of specialized programs at Sharjah Youth Centers in the Eastern Region, reviewed the programs and initiatives of Sharjah youth in the field of theater and cinema for the current year, which were embodied in the theater and cinema arts programs, the bridal arts program, shadow fiction and narrator, and the Al Furjan theater program.

Wam / Batoul Kashwani / Imad Al-Ali


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