Emirates and the Libyan solution – trends – statement opinion


The Libyans have become firmly convinced that the UAE is striving, with all the human values ​​endowed by God, to achieve what is in their interest in building a country capable of advancing the efforts of its loyal sons … a state shaded by tolerance and harmony and puts its feet confidently on the path of stability and development. Their present and future are the consequences of external interventions, especially on the part of the Turkish regime, which did not hide its ambitions, and dealt with a part of the Libyans as tools to achieve its goals.

And no observer of the Libyan affairs can notice, even in a slight way, any goal of the UAE in this country, except for the interest of its children without distinction or discrimination. This is the UAE’s religion, and this is its policy, not only in Libya, but wherever it extends its white hands to it. This is the policy that was laid by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the wise leadership carrying the trust is following the path of the predecessors.

Libyans see the UAE as a supportive and supportive brother, and not an external interference, as it has not established a militia that implements agendas, and has not made loyalties that deviate from the Libyan melting pot, a nation, people, cause, present and future.

Now, after the Libyans reached in numerous dialogues, agreements that were not implemented and understandings that were not respected, they are aware more than ever that the best solution to their cause is supported by those who are keen on their interest, and the UAE is at the forefront of these.

The UAE has no purpose or goal other than seeing the Libyans agree on a national mechanism to extricate their country from its crisis, through dialogue and understanding, and away from the interference of Turkey, its militias and mercenaries; Because these only brought the woes and pain of the Libyans.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the UAE’s approach has been principled and humanitarian, and it is still sticking to this approach, and it will remain by the side of the Libyans until it sees their ship dock in safety.



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