Egypt’s main stock market index “EGX 30” falls by 0.06%


The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX 30 declined during Sunday’s session, by 0.06% to close at 11,446 points.

The index of medium and small companies EGX70 of equal weights rose 1.01 percent to end the session at 2,277 points.

The index, the broader EGX 100 of equal weights, rose 0.66 percent to close at 3,274 points.

The index of equal weights EGX50 also increased by 0.32 percent to close at 2,330 points.

And the market capital won during today’s session about 3.5 billion pounds, to close at 681.34 billion pounds, compared to 677.8 billion pounds at the end of last week’s trading.

During today’s session, 533.51 million shares were traded, with a trading value of about 1.36 billion pounds, through 46.25 thousand operations.

While today’s session was trading on 186 shares, of which 92 rose, while 32 others maintained their previous closing price, and 62 stocks declined.

In terms of investor dealings, Egyptian investors’ dealings in stocks tended to sell, recording a net sale of about 15.14 million pounds.

Arab transactions tended towards buying, recording a net worth of EGP 26.744 million.

While foreign transactions tended to sell shares, recording a net amount of 11.6 million pounds.


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