Egypt News | Public sports / Croatia coach in the World Cup Hand: I will not give up winning all matches


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And settled Croatia forefront the group distance the win On Diameter With a result 26-24 at Close of The role Primer.

وقال Lino Servar Manager Artwork For a squad Croatia at Conference Journalist «We played Best From Diameter We defended An image Fantastic وفخور Perform the team«.

و .ضاف «Happy Perform Players Young at The tournament And she was calendar Task Our During Qualify to me The role the main«.

Vivid Servar «We showed level strong Before everybody Fitting Bossif championship Europe لكرة Hand«.

واختتم Manager Artwork To Croatia His statements His statements «I want the win at Each Matches I seek لتحقيق Qualify From The role the main«.

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Dated: 2021-01-20


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