Egypt News | Miscellaneous news / Massive anger in Madrid … Would Tebas intentionally lose Real Madrid the league?


Hi Kora_ huge indignation in the Madrid media after Real Madrid expressed their extreme anger over what happened at Madrid airport.

Real Madrid believes that its team and its players have been treated like mice, and this cannot be explained. Rather, it came to confirm that the president of the League of Liga Tebas falls asleep comfortably while the Madrid players have been on the plane for more than three hours.

The question now is, is Tebas deliberately embarrassing Florentino Perez after the recent statements against the League, and is there really a plan for Real Madrid to lose the league this season, as the Madrid press confirms… Logically after what happened last night, it will be difficult for Real Madrid to beat Osasuna!

Date: 2021-01-09


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