Egypt News | Latest news / Mohamed Ramadan among the fans while filming his new song


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published a video clip received by the people of Giza during the filming of his new song “Misbah Aladdin”.

Muhammad Ramadan appeared in the video, while filming the clip, and the people greeted him with great hospitality and competed to take a memorial photo with him, while he was keen to exchange peace with them and kiss the head of the elderly women.

Ramadan posted the video on his official Facebook page, and commented, “Wait, God willing, for the clip of Aladdin’s lamp.”

Muhammad Ramadan is currently filming the series “Musa”. The events of the series revolve around the fifties around a Saidi person who takes responsibility for his family after the death of his father, and is forced to travel to Cairo in search of a livelihood.
The series “Musa” written by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, directed by Muhammad Salama, co-starring Muhammad Ramadan, Sumaya al-Khashab, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Sayed Ragab, Riad El-Khouly, Abeer Sabry, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Menna Fadali, Amir Salah El-Din, Mohamed Ezz, Munther Rayahneh, Arifa Abdel Rasoul, Heba Magdy, Gouri Bakr and Ahmed Talaat.

Date: 2021-01-21


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