Egypt News | Arts / Inas Makki for the first time, she tells about her brother, the artist Ahmed: “I am 7 years older than him.”


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“I am a teacher of art, but I was impressed that Ahmed studied at the Film Institute in a directing department. Our Lord protects him and keeps the eye away from him. He is a case of his own, and if the destiny wants, we can do a good duet,” Makki said on the program, “The Women Mayerfush Yakdboa”. Makki is hesitant, and I am 7 years older than him. It will not be useful to be his lover.

And she continued: “If he had a paper opportunity and had a role that was appropriate for us, we would act together, and Mama is the source of our comedy.”

The mother participated in a telephone conversation with the program, explaining that Inas “is her naughty daughter”, and she also made it clear that she would like to present roles in the Arabic language, where she confirms her mastery of the language.

On the authority of Ahmed, she said: “His long life is naughty, and I (alone) loves whoever is young and eats alone.”

As for the artist Enas, she told about her family in the program, saying: “We were brought up in Abu Dhabi, and an Algerian pope was the one who built the Ministry of Information and Culture in Abu Dhabi, and we were brought up that a pope in the ministry returned in the Arabic of the ministry with books that affected us all.” And she went on: “Pope is the one who writes reports on books. Did he write against religion or politics? Pope is the mark of God, may God have mercy on him, so we had an opportunity to read even if the book was possible and contained unreliable words, so he would let us read it and tell us that you will discuss with me what prevents us.”

She concluded her words: “Lina is 5 sisters (Tariq Makki) the great doctor in genetic engineering in France and Makhjesh in France, and I live there, and (Azza) is the eldest of me and 13 years old in France to take a doctorate in nuclear energy, and then I and Ahmed Makki (the actor) and Abdulaziz Makki Asgharna is an interior designer. ”

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Date: 2021-01-21


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