Egypt – How do you do it? How to use voice commands for the Google Assistant while driving?


(MENAFN – Youm7) You can use voice commands for the Google Assistant while driving, just by setting the driving mode, which allows access to a few common tasks entirely with your voice. Say “Hey Google” or press the microphone icon, then do any of the The following tasks, according to “business insider”.

Make a call: Say “call.” [اسم جهة الاتصال].”

• Answer an incoming call: Say “Yes” when the Google Assistant asks if you want to answer an incoming call.

• Send a text message: Say “Send a message to” [جهة الاتصال].”

Listen to messages: Say, “Read my messages.”

Play music: Say “Play.” [فنان]، [أغنية]، [ألبوم], Or [النوع].”

And you can set the driving mode through Google Maps, and you should see a new toolbar at the bottom of the screen below the navigation controls, and here’s what the icons mean:

Microphone: You can tap this as mentioned to give Google a voice command, but if you have enabled OK Google, you can use your voice to activate this instead.

Music: Click this to hide Google Maps, and switch to the specified music or audio app on the phone.

Applications: Click this to display a list of applications that you can run. If you start an application, you can return to Google Maps using the Maps icon in the middle of the toolbar.



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