Egypt – Abeer Sabry: My father used to hit me with a belt, and a great responsibility was imposed after his death


(MENAFN – Youm7) The artist Abeer Sabry sent a message to her father and tears overcame her and said: “A great responsibility was exhumed after his death, and I was young and assumed responsibility for my sisters and family, and I hope that I have fulfilled his message and that he is satisfied with me.”

Abeer Sabry added, during her media interview with Amr El-Leithy, on his program, One of the People on the Life Screen: “I was in the university and endured many things, educating my sisters and providing all the requests, and my father was strong and respectful, and because he was a soldier, he could have dealt with force and there is no room for discussion of orders father”.

And Abeer Sabry continued: “My mother was more difficult in dealing with her because she is nervous, and although my father used to hit me with the belt, but it was nostalgic, and I dreamed four years before my father’s death that he would pass away, and thank God that God hid from us the knowledge of the unseen.”

In another context, Abeer Sabry recently showed in cinemas the movie “Dungeon 7”, starring Nidal Al-Shafei, Ahmed Zahir, Maya Nasri, Abeer Sabry, Menna Fadali, Medhat Tikha, Ahmed Al-Tohamy, Ihab Fahmy, Emmy Islam and written by Hussam Moussa It is directed by Ikram, which is set in the context of an action thriller.

Abeer participated as a guest of honor in an episode of the series “Ambulance Younes” with Muhammad Anwar, whose show was launched on the digital watch it platform, and appears in the episode as the character of a married woman and discovers her husband’s betrayal of her, so she decides to respond to him by accusing him of having a relationship with another man. With the doctor who embodies his personality, Muhammad Anwar, the events are completely comic.



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