Effortlessly, the easiest way to clean the “hood” of the kitchen from grease and accumulations


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Women are interested in cleaning the house periodically, especially the kitchen, its tools and appliances, because it is one of the places where fat and accumulation accumulate most, so it is always keen to clean it, as well as the kitchen hood is one of the most used and most important ingredients to get rid of the smell of cooking and the rising smoke.

And many housewives face difficulty in cleaning it, especially with the accumulation of grease, grease and dust on it, as it is difficult to rub and remove it easily.

The most effective way to clean a straw is flour

All you have to do is disassemble the parts of the filter, then cover it completely with flour, then sprinkle the white flour on the filter in all its folds, and leave the white flour on the filter for minutes until it adheres to the grease accumulated on the filter.

Now, scrub the filter well with your hands, and you will notice that the grease is clumped and extracted with the flour easily, then repeat the step, and you will notice the rapid removal of the grease from the straw, then rinse it with hot water.


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