“Efficiency” recommends trying the “instantaneous heater” instead of the normal one – Saudi News


The Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (Kafa’a) confirmed that the instant heater consumes energy when water is withdrawn, and when it is not used it does not consume any energy. As for regular heaters, they consume less energy, but more frequently when using or when the temperature drops. Therefore, the instant heater is more efficient than the regular heater. .

In detail, the program stressed the need to choose the highest level in the energy label affixed to the heaters in points of sale and centers designated for electrical appliances to ensure savings in consumption.

He stated that “your heat scares you” if you choose the highest level in the energy efficiency card, the efficiency of the device increases and the energy consumption decreases.

He explained that the components of the new card contained a rapid response reader, annual energy consumption, EER energy efficiency factor, cooling capacity, heating capacity, performance efficiency factor, specification reference number, type of air conditioner, trade name, model number, country of manufacture, registration number, number Serial, display panels that include the approximate annual electricity consumption, and the regular formula not to remove, cover, or tamper with the energy efficiency card.

The program recommended that the heater should be set at 60 degrees Celsius, as well as your choice of the appropriate capacity for your need, as well as regular maintenance.


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