“Education”: Registration of new students next Sunday – Saudi News


As of next Sunday, the Ministry of Education will start receiving applications for registration of new students and students in the first grade of primary school for the next academic year 1443 AH, through the (Noor) electronic system. The ministry has set next Sunday as the date for registration of Saudi students in government memorization schools in which a comparison is conducted, and for Saudi and non-Saudi students to be registered in international and foreign schools and private schools applicable to international programs, provided that Saudi students are registered and those whose mothers are Saudi from non-Saudi fathers. Government schools and memorization schools in which no comparison is conducted, and the registration of non-Saudi students who are treated as Saudis from displaced tribes, Turkestans, Baluchis, citizens of the Arab Gulf states, members of the Yemeni community and children of diplomats on the 14th of the next Rajab month.

The ministry indicated that the registration of non-Saudi students subject to the specified rates for registration, whose parents work in the government sector, will start on the 5th day of the blessed month of Ramadan for the current year.


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