“Education” confirms the raising of readiness in Saudi academies and schools abroad


The Ministry of Education, represented by the Agency for Educational Programs, has completed all its preparations for the start of the second semester tomorrow, Sunday, at the level of continuing education schools, special education, and raising readiness in Saudi academies and schools abroad, where work is being done to follow up on equipment, distribute books and guidebooks to all target groups .The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for educational programs, Dr. Maha Al-Suleiman said: “The number of continuing education schools for boys for all stages and girls for the primary stage has reached 2713 schools, with approximately 120,000 students in all educational levels, indicating that the General Administration for Continuing Education is ready for distance education. Broadcasting all lessons through the satellite broadcast school (Ain Channel), which started the first semester, and fifteen teachers implemented 695 classes for the elementary stage, benefiting all students of continuing education, in addition to integration with public education channels for the intermediate and secondary stages.

Dr. added. Al-Sulaiman said that the start of studies in Saudi schools abroad will be tomorrow, and after tomorrow the fourth and fifth of the month of Jumada al-Thani 1442 AH corresponding to the seventeenth and eighteenth of the month of January 2021 AD the second semester of the current academic year for the year 1442 AH 2020-2021 AD in all Saudi academies and schools abroad, Indicating that this beginning coincides with the completion of the preparation for the beginning of the study in the second semester, in light of what the host countries are witnessing of the continuation of the Corona pandemic, with the discrepancy in the level of precautionary measures between countries according to the level of spread of the virus and the instructions issued in this regard in terms of urban or remote study.


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