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The Dubai Health Authority has revealed four main factors that cause noncommunicable diseases, which are “smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy food intake and low physical activity.”

According to the results of the recent health survey of the Emirate of Dubai, which is conducted every five years, it was found that 15.8% of the research sample in the survey were smokers, and 2.2% of them were former smokers, as 11.5% of smokers reported that they smoke on a daily basis, while 4.3% reported that they smoke on a non-daily basis.

The results indicated that the prevalence of tobacco reached 15.8%, and this percentage was 14.3% among Emiratis, compared to 16% of other nationalities, and it was also proven that the percentage of female smokers was much lower than males, reaching 7.9% compared to 20.9% for males.

The results of the survey also indicated a low number of those who engage in sporting activities, as it was found that one in five adults practiced sports, at a rate of 19.9% ​​of the participants who engage in different types of physical activity per week, as these results were similar between males and females in general. And adults of the age group (18-24) were the most practicing of this physical activity, compared to the rest of the age groups of the surveyed respondents, and it was also proved that these adults practicing sports activity 23.6% of them are citizens.

The results of the Dubai Health Survey indicated that more than a third of the participants in the research (36.1%) ate vegetables and fruits daily, and that the vast majority of the adults surveyed ate them five times a day, and the results also indicated that the habit of eating healthy foods varies according to the age groups of the respondents. The results show that 29.7% of the younger respondents eat healthy foods, compared to 45.9% of the older respondents in the age group greater than 60 years. On the other hand, no difference was found in the dietary habits related to daily eating vegetables and fruits between the sexes.

The health survey revealed the low number of sports practitioners in the emirate.

36.1% of the survey participants ate vegetables and fruits daily.

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