Donia Batma attacks Saleh Al Jasmi with a strong message


Omar Hadidi

Emirati journalist, Saleh Al Jasmi published an attack message that he received from Moroccan artist Donia Batma after he touched on the court’s decision to imprison her in the case of the “Hamza Muzn Bibi” account, indicating that he was one of the victims of this page that defamed him and published his own phone number and things reached the threat of death. .

In the letter sent by Batma Saleh, she wrote: “I don’t understand him. Why do you put it together. Whatever concerns Morocco and Moroccan women, you have a complex. If you were a young Moroccan woman, we accept this, saying that you are sick and in need of treatment. And do not laugh a lot because you do not cry for the other and revives justice as well as the Emirati judiciary that did not fail to you months ago and the world is dizzy. By God, you fail, I seek refuge in God from you. ”

And she continued: “And some of you have printed women like the lie and believed it … the world of hatred.”

And she concluded: “I was a journalist and I concluded, so do not crack our head every little bit and settle in it with a junker.”


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