“Do not be optimistic.” This is what the World Health Organization has confirmed about “Corona immunity”


Despite the optimistic atmosphere in which the world is living with the start of vaccinations against the new Corona virus in more than one country, “The World Health Organization issued an alert hours ago, that herd immunity against Corona will not be secure this year.”

In details, the scientific officer of the organization, Somaya Swaminathan, from Geneva, revealed that the world will not reach herd immunity this year 2021, stressing the importance of continuing to apply protection measures such as social distancing, washing hands and putting on a muzzle to control the epidemic.

Swaminathan praised the great progress made by scientists who have succeeded in developing not one, but several safe and effective vaccines against a completely new virus in less than a year.

Despite the praise, “the official stressed that introducing vaccines to the public takes some time, noting that expanding the production of doses takes time, not only in the millions but in billions,” and she called on people to be patient a little.

Swaminathan stressed that vaccines will eventually arrive and be transferred to all countries, adding: “But in the meantime, we must not forget that there are effective measures.”

She pointed out that “there will be a need to continue taking public health and social measures aimed at stopping transmission for the rest of this year at least.”

It is reported that the new Corona virus had celebrated its first birthday a few days ago, as a whole year had passed since the first death declared by the epidemic, which was close to infecting 100 million around the world without a final island solution that ends the crisis.

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