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RAM – Researchers at the Scottish University of St Andrews announced a rare astronomical event that includes the movement of 6 planets around their sun in perfect harmony.The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that scientists have found 5 of the 6 planets outside our solar system moving in a coordinated rhythm, so that their orbits are in a consistent pattern with each other, which indicates that no major collisions occurred when the system was formed.

The newspaper pointed out that the researchers used the European Space Agency’s “Cubes” telescope to monitor 6 exoplanets in a solar system 200 light years from Earth, moving in a rhythmic movement.

The researchers said that the exoplanets of the system called (TOI-178), have become stuck in a kind of harmony in which the planets move in their orbits in a regular way with each other.

“This system combined the fragile nature of the orbits of these closely-knit planets with the unprecedented mixture of planetary densities, which means that his study will be crucial to our understanding of the formation and evolution of planetary systems,” said Dr. Adrian Lillo, an astrophysicist from the University of Geneva.

According to the research team, this exceptional design and orbital symmetry challenges what we know about how planetary systems are formed.

The researchers noted that the density of planets in this system is also extraordinary, with dense, rocky planets located close to the sun, followed by giants of lighter gas.


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