Director Aaron Sorkin is in negotiations with Nicole Kidman to play Lucille Ball in a new movie


Director Aaron Sorkin is negotiating with superstar Nicole Kidman and superstar Javier Bardem for his new movie.Being the RicardosA biographical film about the late American actress Lucille Ball.

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The events of the film revolve around the challenges that Lucille Pal faced in her working and marital life. Sorkin wrote the script and will direct the film for the benefit of Amazon Studios And Escape Artists.

He had won the series, the international actress Nicole Kidman The Undoing, Which was shown on the network HBO On poor evaluations, compared to what was expected of him since the start of the announcement of work on it, as he received 76% by 89 critics, and 68% by 277 viewers, on the site Rotten TomatoesAfter it was released on October 25.

And the series that was put up under the title The UndoingIn it, Kidman embodied the woman who had a personality possessed of determination, persistence and pain, to follow the same footsteps in her series Big Little Lies, In which she played a woman on the verge of collapse with her marriage that betrayed her in their relationship.

وسلسل The Undoing It stars international actress Nicole Kidman and world actor Hugh Grant, along with Aidan Alexander, Ismail Cruz Cordova, Matilda De Angelis, Michael Devine, Numa Dumzwini, Noah Gobi, Lily Rabe, Edgar Ramirez, Donald Sutherland, Fala Chen.

The drama series revolves around Grace Sachs “Nicole Kidman”, who lives life alone as she wanted it for herself. She is a successful doctor. She has a loyal husband and a young son who goes to a private school in New York City, but overnight a gap opens in her life, with a violent death, A missing husband, and other terrible events are here Grace begins her journey.


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