“Dibba Al Thaqafa” opens its season with a poetry evening for Al-Dahani and Al-Darmaki – Think and Art – Culture


The Dibba Association for Culture, Arts and Theater opened its new cultural season for the year 2021 with a poetry evening revived by the poet and writer Muhammad Saeed Al-Dhanhani and poet Awad bin Hasum Al-Darmaki, as part of strict precautionary measures to avoid the Corona virus.

The poetry evening was attended by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad bin Saif Al Sharqi, and a large audience of people interested in poetry and literature from the Emirate of Fujairah.

The two-hour session was moderated by the poet and journalist Eida Bin Masoud at the Jamia Theater in Dibba, where the poetry evening was accompanied by an oud played by the artist Hazza Al-Dhanhani.

The session shed light on a number of poetic styles, the most prominent of which was the poetry of tafilah, and it dived into different seas and weights of poetry, and its topics varied between the social aspect that simulates reality and emotional spin, seeing stories of love and nostalgia.

A number of poems were recited in the evening, the most famous of which is the poem “A Coincidence and a Whisper of Nostalgia and I Miss You” by the poet Muhammad Saeed Al-Dhanhani, where feelings of love appeared in the poet’s vocabulary clearly, and Al-Dhanhani was able to subjugate the language and force it to transmit ideas and feelings through beautiful poetic images that touch the conscience and celebrate the place and perpetuate time.

As for the poet Awad bin Hasum Al-Darmaki, he recited the oaks poem and the school trips, and another poem in which he recalled his memories in the city of San Diego from his collection (Memories of San Diego), in addition to many poems that carried beautiful poetic images and verses of eloquence and depth and met with wide public resonance.

The artist, Hazaa Al-Dhanhani, also performed the poem Al-Hams Al-Hanin sung to the rhythms of the oud by the poet Mohammed Saeed Al-Dhanhani, and he sang one of the poems of Awad bin Hasum Al-Darmaki.

Poet Muhammad Saeed Al-Dhanhani emphasized that organizing poetry evenings creates a unique cultural movement that quenches the thirst of the masses of poetry, and creates a creative state that stimulates new poets to write, pointing out that the Dibba Association for Culture, Arts and Theater has a long tradition of providing a cultural and artistic incubator that stimulates talents.

At the end of the poetry evening, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad bin Saif Al Sharqi honored both the poet Mohammed Saeed Al Dhanhani, Awad bin Hasoum Al Darmaki, and the artist Hazza Al Dhanhani, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association Obaid Al Dhanhani, wishing them continued progress and creativity.



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