Diab: The countdown has started … and the government is not formed or disrupted by burning tires and blocking roads


Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said during a meeting of the ministerial committee to follow up on the Corona epidemic vaccine plan: “Today, the countdown begins for the launch of the national vaccination campaign against the Corona epidemic. This means that the time has approached to gradually restore our normal life, not only in Lebanon, but in the whole world. Today, we will discuss the vaccination campaign plan, and announce it at noon.

We went through a very difficult period. The Corona epidemic has added a very heavy burden on Lebanon, which is facing severe financial, economic, social and living crises. The hope today is that with the victory over the Corona epidemic, the life cycle will return to the whole world, and Lebanon will benefit from the return of the economic cycle that can contribute to alleviating the severity of the crises.

However, in fact, the key to solutions to the crises in Lebanon is the formation of a government that complements the reforms that we have started, implements them, follows up on negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, and begins implementing the economic plan drawn up by our government, after making adjustments to it by virtue of the changes that occurred after the plan was drawn up. The political priority today should be to form a government. With some rounded corners, there is a possibility to reduce Lebanon’s suffering by forming a government that faces major challenges.

The social, living, economic and financial priority is also forming a government. ”

He added, “The people’s cry is understood and heard … The Lebanese are facing huge challenges. The state provides aid despite its difficult financial situation, and the army has begun distributing a new batch of 400,000 Lira aid to about a quarter of a million families. It is true that this aid does not match their needs … but it contributes to Reducing burdens However, there is a big difference between sincere expression of people’s pain, and between acts of sabotage and assault on state institutions and people’s property, there is a big difference between people who are really in need, and between political investment in their needs and distorting the rightful demands of people.

What we have seen in the past two days does not resemble the demands of the people, nor does it express their suffering. What we have seen is an attempt to hijack the people’s demands and use them in political battles. It is not permissible to sabotage the city of Tripoli in order to send political messages from it. It is unacceptable for Tripoli, or any part of Lebanon, to remain a mailbox with fire. It is not permissible to block the roads against people, in the context of the logic of challenging politics. ”

He continued: “The government is not formed or disrupted by burning tires, blocking roads, attacking state institutions and targeting the internal security forces and the Lebanese army.”

He believed that “what is happening increases the suffering of the Lebanese. The epidemic is spreading rapidly, and had it not been for the general closure, matters would have become at the level of the national disaster. The escalating number of deaths is an indication of the magnitude of the disaster that was coming. We would have seen very painful scenes in the streets and in front of hospitals. The past weeks know how long he waited for his turn to get a hospital bed, or an oxygen device. The Corona epidemic takes the Lebanese’s breath, and the closure is an attempt to stop the creep of this deadly epidemic. The general closure eases the rush of the epidemic, and if the Lebanese adhere to the means of protection we can win and gradually restore our lives and open the country “In a thoughtful and orderly manner, but in light of the situation we are in, and if the Lebanese do not comply, the epidemic will return at a record speed.”

He indicated that he could not bear the tragic scenes at the doors of hospitals. He said: “People’s lives are more important than anything I have. The economy is returning, and social and living suffering is a little patient with some help, but if we lose people’s lives we cannot regain it. People who have lost them in this epidemic know this feeling, and they know this pain that left deep wounds.” Patience is the key to relief, and we need patience for a few days, until we start to see the results of the general closing. We do not want to waste this closure by hasty decisions. We are open to discussion, and yesterday we launched an electronic platform to study the requests of institutions that there is an actual need to open, in addition to a platform There is a great effort by the work teams that have been making efforts from year to day to confront the epidemic. The Corona Technical Committee in the Serail, the Scientific Committee in the Ministry of Health, the medical body and all workers in their various locations. And it gives them wellness. And today we will announce the vaccination plan that I have drawn up. Ministry of Health”.

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