Details of the Barcelona and California match on January 21-2021, the King’s Cup


For all football fans and fans around the world, an exclusive Valjul site welcomes you, and for all followers of the Spanish King’s Cup, you are today on a date with an important match between Barcelona and Corona, and the match is scheduled to take place at exactly ten o’clock in Egypt local time and eleven o The match will be held on the grounds of the Camp Municipal de Cornella stadium, and that is among the Copa del Rey in the 32nd round, Barcelona team enters today’s match and is currently in third place in the La Liga table, with a score of 34 points after playing 18 matches, winning 10 matches and tied in 4 Two matches and was defeated in 4 matches, the team scored 37 goals and conceded 17 goals.

Cornea and Barcelona match today

As for the other side, Cornia’s team enters today’s match and knows that he is playing either an opponent who is not to be reckoned with, despite the moment of weakness he is going through, but he is still one of the giants of the Spanish bang, so Corinia team enters today’s match and I hope that he will exit the match with a positive result As for the team’s ranking, it is in seventh place in the table in the order of its group with a score of 13 points, after playing 11 matches, it won 3 games and was defeated in 4 matches, tied in 4 matches, scored 13 goals and received 14 goals.

Card match Cornia and Barcelona

Cornia Vs Barcelona.
Tournament: King’s Cup of Spain (Round of 32).
Conveyor channels: Sport 1 Hungary.
Stadium: Camp Municipal de Cornella.
Commentator: not included.

Match date:

11:00 pm Saudi time.
10:00 pm Egypt local time.
10:00 pm Palestine time.
10:00 pm Jordan local time.
10:00 pm, Syrian local time.
10:00 pm, Lebanon time.
11:00 pm, Iraq time.
10:00 pm Sudan time.
11:00 pm, Yemen time.
10:00 pm, Libyan local time.
9:00 pm Tunis time.
9:00 pm, Algerian time.
9:00 pm, Moroccan time.
12:00 pm UAE time.
11:00 pm Bahrain time.
12:00 pm, Sultanate of Oman time.
11:00 pm Kuwait time.
11:00 pm Qatar time.
8:00 pm Mauritania time.
11:00 pm Comorian time.
8:00 pm GMT.

The Barcelona formation expected in front of Cornia and the channels that will transport it

Goalkeepers: Norberto Neto
Defense: Jordi Alba – Ronald Araujo – Clement Longley – Serginho Dest
Center: Meralem Pjanic – Frenkie de Jong
The attacking midfield: Trinkau – Ricky Puig – Osman Dembele
The Offensive: Martin Braithwaite


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