Denmark stops flights from the UAE due to doubts about the Corona examination


London, United Kingdom (CNN) – Denmark has announced the suspension of flights from the United Arab Emirates for a period of 5 days, due to doubts about the reliability of the pre-flight examination of the new Corona virus that takes place before flights.

In Arabic, CNN tried to contact the UAE Ministry of Health for comment, without a response at the time of writing this report.

This came according to a statement issued by the Danish Ministry of Transport, today, Friday, January 22, and starts from tonight, according to the statement.

Danish Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht said in the statement: “We have seen in the past changes that came from Dubai and we cannot ignore such doubts … and therefore all flights coming from the United Arab Emirates will be suspended for five days.”

The Danish minister added that this procedure will take place “so that the matter can be investigated in a careful manner and to ensure that the required negative examination is indeed a real examination conducted in a proper manner.”


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