Daniela Rahma and Moatasem Al-Nahar reveal their obsessions and dreams


After their meeting in the drama, Daniela Rahma and Mutasim Al-Nahar meet in a spontaneous meeting, addressing each other with a set of questions and monitoring their concerns, which are presented for the first time within the program “Honestly with Daniela Rahma and Mutasim Al-Nahar” via MBC1.

In the course of the episode, the two stars reveal new aspects of their personality, which allow identifying the human being within each of them. They try to explore some mysteries in their lives, so Mutassim asks about secrets that concern women, the mystery of age for women in general, about love and the change that occurs to it between the ages of twenty and thirty. ?

Daniela asks why he is so strong in dramas recently, and where he will be in five years according to his plans, and pages of his diary with his wife and his relationship with the kitchen and household matters are opened with him.

On the other hand, they monitor the extent of their relationship with social media and its impact, and comment on the amount of bullying that is occurring there. Mutasim Daniela is shocked when he talks about illness in his childhood and the danger to his life at the time, then they talk about their view of fame and its aftermath, and their fears. The episode also includes questions related to belonging and homeland, survival or migration, old age and others.


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