Dancer Dina responds to Khaled Al-Jundi after describing her as Al-Khafifa


Egyptian dancer Dina expressed her shock at the sheikh’s reactionKhaled Al-Jundi, A member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, and bullying him on his program “Perhaps they will understand.”
In her interview with the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan, Dina said that he described her as a “Khafifa dancer”, and she asked: “Is this description not bullying, Sheikh Khaled? You forgot or what?”
She added, “I do not deny my feeling of distress after this description, especially since I did not suffer ill from him in order to attack me and say about me: the famous dancer with her louder voice who wanted to learn to dance.”
For his part, Sheikh Khaled al-Jundi denounced Dina’s accusation of bullying her, stressing that this statement is completely untrue, saying: “If you claim that, it is false.”


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